Left ventricular systolic function / 1

<< Back Left ventricular short axis fractional shortening
FFS= [(end-diastolic - end-systolic) / end-diastolic] x 100 (%)
2  3  4  5 Left ventricular M-mode ejection fraction
= [(end-diastolic3 - end-systolic3) / end-diastolic3] x 100 (%)

LV mean velocity of circumferential fibre shortening 
= (end-diastolic - end-systolic) / (ejection time x end-diastolic) (circ/sec)

Copyright 2001 Paolo Barbier

Copyright 2001 Paolo Barbier

M-Mode examination of the left ventricle using short axis diameters

Measurement of LV diameters (cm):
End-diastolic at Q wave of ECG
End-systolic at either:
a) end-systolic notching of IVS
b) first wide component of II heart sound (phonocardiogram)
c) maximum anterior position of posterolateral wall

Fractional shortening of LV diameters
[(end-diastolic - end-systolic) / end-diastolic] x 100

IVS: interventricular septum
LV: left ventricular cavity
Phono: phonocardiographic tracing
PLW: postero-lateral wall
RV: right ventricular cavity
RVAW: RV anterior wall



Correct positioning of M-mode cursor in the transthoracic parasternal long axis view to obtain the standard left ventricular M-mode tracing as shown above. 

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