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Minimum 800x600 pixels screen resolution
Small characters on screen display
Minimum 56.6Kbps Modem recommended
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or Firefox browsers
Media Player: zoom set at 100% and check  
      "Repeat forever" in Options\Playback 
Download Windows Media Player 
Video clips in this web site have been compressed with the VP31 codec from On2 Technologies .
Download the VP3.2 video codec (to view the video clips of this site).
Beginning with November 2009, video clips are compressed and dìsplayed as Flash video. 
Download the Flash player as automatically requested.

Notice: To view the non-Flash video clips

Download and install the free VP3 codec v. (On2 Technologies™) here:

or, download directly here the installer for the codec (recommended): 

- Windows installer: VP3_VFW_Win.exe
- Quicktime installer: VP3_QT_Win.exe 
(Prevous visualization problems with  Nvidia and Ati Radeon video cards have been fixed). 

Click on still frames to view video clips as indicated (when available).

Suggestion: Begin  by browsing the Monthly Image pages. 

Risoluzione minima del monitor: 800x600 pixels 
Selezionare "caratteri piccoli" sul display del monitor
Si raccomanda modem con banda minima di 56.6Kbps 
Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 5
Media Player: settare lo zoom set al 100% and selezionare 
      "Repeat forever" nelle opzioni di playback
Scarica Windows Media Player 
I video clips di questo sito web sono stati compressi utilizzando il codec VP31 della ™, 
Scarica il codec video  VP3.2 (per visualizzare i clip video di questo sito)
A partire da Novembre 2009, i video clip sono compressi e visualizzati come Flash video. 
Scaricate il player Flash come richiesto automaticamente.

Avviso: Per vedere i clip video non-Flash: 

Scaricare ed installare (gratis) il codec VP3 v. (On2 Technologies™) quì:

oppure, scaricare direttamente quì l'installatore per il codec (raccomandato). 

- Windows installer: VP3_VFW_Win.exe
- Quicktime installer: VP3_QT_Win.exe 

(Risolti i problemi di visualizzazione con schede video Nvidia ed Ati Radeon).

Cliccare sulle immagini fisse per vedere i video clip come indicato (quando disponibili).

Suggerimento: Cominciare visitando le pagine delle Immagini del Mese

Website pages Created using Microsoft FrontPage2000 ™
Image acquisitions (hardware) Digital analog to digital acquisition from standard s-VHS output of echocardographic equipment using different acquisition cards (in chronological order):
1. Fast AVMaster ™ (16:1 compression through Fast Mjpeg proprietary codec) 
2. Matrox ™ (14:1 compression through Matrox proprietary codec) 
3. Dazzle Holliwood DV Bridge ™ (approx 4-6:1 compression through Dazzle DV codec). 
Since 2007, MPEG-4 compression of DICOM files stored on server by the echocardiographic machines.
Image acquisitions during clinical activity (software)  Until 2007: Echocardio software (contact the Author for information)  in Windows2000 Professional™ system. 
Since 2007: Medimatic software (Compacs in the USA)
Video clip editing software Digital re-compression, cropping and editing of acquired clips using: 
1. Adobe Premiere ™
2. VirtualDub  Software (freeware)
3. Medimatic (Compacs in the USA)
Storage media CD, hard disk
Storage and display compression codecs 1. Radius Cinepak codec v. (included in Windows™ OS), or
2. DivX 4.11 Mpeg4 (available free for personal use online at DivX Networks™:, or
3. Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec V2, or
4. Flash video (Sorenson and On2 codecs)
Image Frames 1. Acquired as Bitmaps from s-VHS echo output, or
2. Acquired from the stored video clips using VirtualDub  Software (freeware), or
3. Acquired as JPEGs using Medimatic software (Compacs in the USA).

Editing, cropping and re-compression in jpeg format using Adobe Photosop v3™. Final format: approx 300x400 pixels in 20-30 Kb files. 


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