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Aneurysm of the Postero-Lateral Wall
  Aneurisma della parete postero-laterale
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Postero-Lateral Wall Aneurysm, Apical Long Axis View



Case # TT2846

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Age / Sex 81 y. / M 
Machine Philips Sonos 5500


Transd./Hz  S3 / 55  Hz  
View Apical Long Axis 
Mode / Time 2D 
Abbrev. LA: Left Atrium; LV: Left Ventricle. . 


Aneurysm of the basal segment of the postero-lateral wall (asterisk), with extension to the inferior wall. The arrows point to the borders of the aneurysm  
Cardiopatia ischemica aneurismatica: aneurisma saccato postero-laterale (asterisco) basale con estensine inferiore basale. Le frecce indicano il colletto dell'aneurisma. 






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